Skip to be Fit

Skipping rope

Did you ever skip as a child? Remember how easy it was? Well, most of those memories will underestimate quite how effective a skipping workout can be.

Research suggests just 10 minutes of fast skipping can burn more calories than a steady 30 minute run!

Now, we’re all short of time, so this really is the perfect piece of kit for anyone hoping to increase their cardio vascular capacity, and burn fuel at the same time.

Plus, it’s so small and light, it can be taken anywhere. If your ceilings are high enough at home, you can skip indoors, and if not, well, there is always outside.

Once you master the basic bounce, you can progress to a variety of moves that will challenge your coordination, balance and endurance, while providing a thorough whole body workout.

We believe skipping should be a part of every workout, and consider it one of our essential pieces of kit.

Our Skip-to-Get-Fit sessions can get beginners skipping confidently within 2-3 sessions. These 30 minute exercise classes are dedicated to skipping, and provide all the coaching you need to become a proficient skipper, incorporated into a fun, whole body, lung busting workout.

A decent Speed Rope will cost less than €5. Minimum investment for maximum return!