We Own The Night

IMAG0919  Friday evening is not normally scheduled as a time we would be running, however, on the 24th May, Nike held their first “We Own The Night” event at Ploetsensee, here in Berlin.

Normally, I would be taking part, but a stress fracture means I am under strict orders to take a break for a while, so instead, this time I am reporting as an on-looker.IMAG0925

2,500 female runners lined up for this 10km race. DJ’s were setting the mood, while runners waited in anticipation for the start line to open. On the sound of the gun, the girls were showered with confetti.  The race was underway.


The route was lined with laser shows, musicians and water stations. At the finish line Singer Crow was performing for the girls.

Back at the runners village there was plenty on offer to take your mind of your run, and enjoy some R&R.

Try on some new kit in the changing rooms. Trainers, tees, tights. Whatever you need. Maybe you just need somewhere to put on your free race T-shirt? In bright orange, it’s perfect for night runs.


How about a little beauty treatment to enhance that race afterglow? Check out the Beauty Zone…


IMAG0961So, you’ve visited the Beauty Zone? Now you are ready for your post race photo. Then just a short flight of steps up to the outdoor photo studio.

There was a wide selection of food and drink stalls to satisfy every appetite.  Healthy juices, salads, bbq’s and the not-so-healthy ice cream van. For us Brits though, a Mr Whippy ice cream is a rare sight to be seen!

WOTN3  If, after all this, you were still looking for more, it was time you wandered down to the Strandbad, where the relaxation zone welcomed you with fully stocked bars, DJ’s by the waterside and a chill out zone. Open until 11pm, it was a mighty fine way to start the weekend.


We think you should always look out for your local Nike event.  Who knows what you will find.

Here’s the route, for those of you wanting to follow the course around this pretty spot.



Here comes the sun

sunEveryone loves the sun, right? We’ve been feeling so much better the past couple of days – getting out of bed with renewed energy and enthusiasm when we pull back the curtains and see clear blue skies. Sunshine not only puts a smile on our faces, but gives us a much-needed Vitamin D boost. Vitamin D is naturally made by our bodies when skin is exposed to the sun, so a 20 minute walk outside on a lovely day is a great and natural way to boost those Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium (for strong bones), helps with neuromuscular function (great for improving concentration and co-ordination), supports our immune system and helps the body reduce inflammation – which is a great benefit if you’re still feeling sore from your weekend workouts!

Since we had a slow start to Spring this year, it’s important to remember your sunscreen too. There’s a lot of power in those rays, so please stay protected.

Of course, the gorgeous sunshine doesn’t always last…. so when the sun stops shining you can also get Vitamin D from fish, eggs and mushrooms. And if that fails, it’s a great excuse to book a holiday…. and we happen to know a great Personal Trainer in Berlin who can get you beach ready!