Here comes the sun

sunEveryone loves the sun, right? We’ve been feeling so much better the past couple of days – getting out of bed with renewed energy and enthusiasm when we pull back the curtains and see clear blue skies. Sunshine not only puts a smile on our faces, but gives us a much-needed Vitamin D boost. Vitamin D is naturally made by our bodies when skin is exposed to the sun, so a 20 minute walk outside on a lovely day is a great and natural way to boost those Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium (for strong bones), helps with neuromuscular function (great for improving concentration and co-ordination), supports our immune system and helps the body reduce inflammation – which is a great benefit if you’re still feeling sore from your weekend workouts!

Since we had a slow start to Spring this year, it’s important to remember your sunscreen too. There’s a lot of power in those rays, so please stay protected.

Of course, the gorgeous sunshine doesn’t always last…. so when the sun stops shining you can also get Vitamin D from fish, eggs and mushrooms. And if that fails, it’s a great excuse to book a holiday…. and we happen to know a great Personal Trainer in Berlin who can get you beach ready!

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