Medicine Ball

Med Ball CatchThose of you following us, and taking part in our workouts know how we follow simple rules. Keep it functional and keep it fun.

We don’t need to complicate our workouts, which is why we focus on using tried and trusted kit, with a few cheeky tricks on the way.

Today we’re focusing on the Medicine Ball.

Here are 3 interesting facts for you:

1. A Medicine Ball is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of your shoulders

2. They are generally covered in leather or vinyl and are mainly filled with sand to give the weight.

3. They do not contain any medicine!

This piece of kit is usually used for strength and resistance training. There are a whole host of functional moves you can perform with it. Use it as an alternative to dumbbells. Throw it, catch it, lift it, pass it. You could even balance on it. The trick is to select a weight that is enough to slow your usual movement pattern down.

Our favourite part is feeling our core working hard. While you are bending, reaching, rotating and passing the ball through all planes of motion, your core is working extremely hard to keep you stabilised. This helps to build superb abdominal and back strength, which is so important for good postural health.

Why not ask for a Medicine Ball workout at your next session?

The Runners

The runners1We just discovered this great, new short film about people jogging.

The film is 10 minutes long, filmed in Victoria Park, London, and features short interviews with joggers willing to be filmed and interviewed while running.

The film makers, Matan Rochlitz and Ivo Gormley, wanted to find out what goes on in the minds of runners as they pound the streets. What does running mean to them and what can we find out about ourselves by interrupting them at this moment of vulnerability and clarity? So, after a few test runs, using a bike and trailer to carry the cameraman & microphone (due to strict vehicle regulations by London Parks Authorities), they sidled up to joggers and started asking a few simple questions.


“Why are you running today?” “Why are you here?” “What do you want to do with your life?” Each runner sharing their simple, personal stories. Because of sex, dementia, getting slower, hangovers.

The film shows the seasons passing by, revealing to the viewer the time spent creating the work. The runners answers are short and succinct. Well, we all know how challenging running and chatting can be. But perhaps delivered with more clarity as a result?

It is a fascinating watch. Take 10 minutes to watch it. Who knows, it may inspire you to run again. After all, all you have to do is go outside!