Jump into January

January is already here, and we are all thinking about how to have the best year yet.

It is tough getting back into a health and fitness routine, particularly after the excesses of Christmas, parties and catching up with friends and family. Here are a few positive changes you can apply to your daily routine to help you make a fit and healthy fresh start this year….

Hot Water & Lemon  
Start with a gentle detox in the morning by adding a cup of warm water with lemon as soon as you wake up. It helps boost the immune system and improves the metabolism.

Swap ‘Bad’ Carbs for Good Carbs  Many people believe that avoiding carbs is the key to achieving successful weight loss, however carbohydrates are important. They provide our bodies with fuel it needs for physical activity and proper organ function. Carbs are broken down in to sugars and released into the blood stream. When they are consumed sugar is rapidly released into the blood stream providing a burst of energy. This sudden sugar rush is too much for the body to make use of so any excess is then turned into fat, leaving you with a sudden drop in blood sugar. This will leave you feeling tired, hungry and craving more sugar. This is why it is important to swap the fast release carbohydrates such as sugar and cakes and white bread/rice/pasta to slow release or complex carbohydrate like whole grain cereals, wholemeal bread/pasta, brown rice, fruits and vegetables. These healthier carbs’ are much more complex in structure than simple sugars and take longer to be digested and absorbed. They provide you with a slow-release source of energy which will help you feel fuller for longer, provide you with consistent energy and help prevent chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Eat healthy  Making the right food choices now and every day this January will get you into a good routine and really will help your body recover from Christmas excesses. Try to reduce the amount of meat you eat, substituting for fish instead, and load up your plate with lots of colourful veg. Why not try a new veg each week. We love to find something seasonal from the supermarket veg isle, then once at home search Google for recipes to help us create new, tasty alternative meals.

Cut Down on Alcohol  There’s not better time than January to cut back. Alcohol is packed with sugar, which can be fattening and ageing (not to mention when hungover, exercise gets pushed even further away). Time to keep alcohol limited to the weekends and even then – drink responsibly.

Get an App  There are so many phone apps available these days, it’s hard not to find something that could work for you. appWhether you want to track your sleep patterns, activity levels, record your food intake, find a workout, there really is something for everyone out there, for every device. Google Play or iTunes is the place to look. Always check the ratings first.

Get a Trainer  This really is one of the best ways to approach exercise. With customised training sessions, you will achieve results much faster when your sessions focus on what your body needs.Throwing yourself into a new workout schedule in the new year after not doing anything for a month (or two!) you will need a bit of guidance on what and how to achieve your fitness goals. This is when having a trainer is essential. A good trainer will always listen to your personal goals, will create workouts based on the best type of exercise for you, will ensure each session is progressive, balanced, tailored and yes, even fun, and if you are really lucky, they will make sure every session offers you something new. The trainer can gives you an estimate of how long it will take your body to achieve the results you want and will also advise you on what to eat. Make it easier on yourself, let someone guide you.

We are offering €10 off an individual training session this January, so get in touch, get active, get healthy!

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