House Of Astbury


On one of our many scans through Twitter recently, we were very excited to stumble across a Start-Up from right where we established Urban Fox Fitness, in South-East London.

House of Astbury are a group of young women, designing reflective  sport and cycle friendly clothing, targeted at women cyclists who want to be safe, seen and styled in the city.



Their products come in 4-way stretch fabric, emblazoned with distinctive logos printed with reflective ink to make sure you stand out on those dark city streets. But getting a new product range started is not the easiest. It requires vision, sourcing strategies, a factory willing to produce small production runs and passion. On top of this, House of Astbury want to manufacture in the UK, in proper working conditions, paying staff real salaries.


Let’s face it, stylish, wearable sports clothing is still very hard to find, despite the best efforts of some of the well-known fitness brands who have the backing of huge profit margins and massive advertising budgets. However, we don’t all want to wear a fixed formula, usually found in every shade of girly pink. When we are running between appointments, we frequently find ourselves in sports kit all day and all week. These designs work well as street-wear and sportswear. We would happily turn up for the school pick-up in a pair of these beauties.

The girls have been busy screen-printing, cutting and sewing the leggings themselves to get some samples out. Now they have found a factory, and they are raising money for their first proper production run. They have enlisted Kickstarter to help with some crowd-funding, where backers will receive goodies in return for their donations.



A few days ago we heard the fantastic news that they have reached their first funding goal. But enthusiasm doesn’t stop there. Support has overwhelmed them, so they now hope to raise a little bit more money to increase their production run to meet the demand from individuals and shops.

We cannot wait for the end product and are really looking forward to seeing the results of all this hard work.

The future looks bright (and reflective!).


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