Every Second Counts

RelayVest-ú62_TodaysTheDayCapri-ú78www.everysecondcounts.co.uk Slowly but surely we are starting to see more and more companies finally realising that sportswear can be functional and wearable.

Last year, a new fashion fitness brand hit the streets – Every Second Counts was launched to offer exercise lovers a workout wardrobe that looks just as good as it performs. Not only is the range practical enough to take the wearer from their workout to their daily life, the fabrics are performance enhanced too.

SwiftJacket£195-PersonalBestVest£70-SpeedLegging£98www.everysecondcounts.co.ukThe gorgeous Swift Running Jacket comes with striking reflective panels, keeping us safely seen while running and cycling at night, plus the breathable fabric helps to prevent us from getting too sweaty.

ClaimTheMomentSweatTop£129-SpeedLegging£98www.everysecondcounts.co.uk (1)When you start to get a little chilly after a run, or want to keep warm during your pre-race warm-up, then the Claim The Moment grey marl sweat top gets our vote as a sound investment. It’s a super cosy all-rounder, something you can slip on after a workout, or relax in at the weekend.

Garments are constructed using flat seams to reduce chafing, wicking and anti bacterial fabrics keep you dry while you are working up a sweat. You may even find a motivational slogan on labels inside the hem too.

Every Second Counts was founded by ex magazine Fashion Director Sally Dixon who has 17 years experience within the fashion industry and 20 years as an exercise and fitness enthusiast. This led to her desire to combine the two. Garments are British designed and made from quality performance fabrics, manufactured in Portugal.

ESCESCTimeTee White £52 Grey www.everysecondcounts.co.ukESCGameChangerCrop £41 www.everysecondcounts.co.uk

ESCTodaysTheDayCapri £68 www.everysecondcounts.co.uk





ESCGameChangerVest £48 pink  www.everysecondcounts.co.ukSwift Jacket_Front_-ú195_www.everysecondcounts.co.uk (1)Claim The Moment Sweat Short_Front_-ú98_www.everysecondcounts.co.uk (1)





We love the styling, and the prices won’t break the bank either. We often spend the entire day wearing workout kit. There is nothing better than feeling comfortable, confident and stylish in our workout clothes no matter how many workouts we’ve logged during the day.

Prices start at a very reasonable £40. There is even a menswear range launching very soon too.

If you head over to their website, not only will you find plenty more lovely products to buy, they have a great blog too, where you can read up on how you can make your body and mind feel better, with their 360° approach to fitness and wellbeing.

All opinions are our own.


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