Run Club

IMG_20150509_100146910_HDROn Friday 10th April we met up with some non runners, to start a journey to become runners.

IMG_20150508_102517653Our beginner’s Run Club is a great way to meet people and learn how to get the running bug. We start off nice and easy, with some short walk/jog intervals, during which we share tips to get you running comfortably and naturally. A few bodyweight exercises are thrown into the mix to start building up your lower body strength to help to protect your joints from injuries.

Each week we take a new route, ensuring nobody gets bored. Our simple homework sessions get you practicing techniques you learn with your trainer, that get you into the habit of running.

IMG_20150425_092633298Some clients took on some hill training mid-course. In the absence of hills, we found steps, and without these we were performing dynamic movements that fired up the glutes and quads.

We were treated to some amazing weather, and beautiful running routes, in particular in Tiergarten, where the many tree-lined paths provide a real escape from city life.

5 training sessions, 5 homework runs, 5 runners run their first ever 5km run.

a completely wonderful and satisfying experience

“You believed in our potential, that we could make it in 5 weeks and we did!”

“Thank you so much for getting me here not only effortlessly, but with so much fun and joy (and sunshine). I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Look out for more running coaching on the way soon.

Beginner’s Run Club: Duration5 weeks to a 5km.

From walking to running in 5 weeks. No experience necessary

Running Clinic:          Duration: 3 weeks, 3 locations

Training sessions that target speed, endurance and strength.

Intermediates 10km:  Duration: 8 weeks

Training program to get runners from running 30 minutes non-stop to running 10km


We run

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