Eat Healthy


Last week we were given a tip-off about a new food delivery service in town. aims to provide healthy meals made from fresh, natural ingredients, delivered to your door. They want to show that diet and eating healthily does not necessarily mean torment, proposing that there may be a lighter, tastier way to ideal weight, silhouettes and well-being. Using principles of healthy nutrition, through a concept of 5 meals per day, Bodychief wants to demonstrate it is possible to eat tasty and healthy meals.

Their website is very simple – select from a calorie specific, fitness, gluten free or vegetarian meal. Select your delivery day and time (1 hour window), then place your order.

We chose the Fitness menu. For €13 you receive a full meal plan for your entire day. Ours arrived bright and early the following day, ideal for getting started straight away at breakfast time.

The bag contained a number of plastic containers, clearly labelled with the relevant meal time, so there was no risk of getting confused about what to eat and when.

In our bag we had:


Breakfast: Tuna Salad, Strawberry Puree, Raspberry Cream Pudding

Lunch:  Cauliflower Soup, Chicken in a Pizza Sauce with Potatoes

Dinner: Salmon with Broccoli and Wholemeal Croutons

Snack:  Banana Desert

Total calories, according to the labels on the containers, 3000. This did sound rather a lot, however, here at Urban Fox HQ, we try to focus less on calories and more on the quality and variety of the food in our daily diet, believing that when you are hungry, you should refuel, as long as your food choices are sensible. Please be aware, however, we are very active on a daily basis, and this mantra may not be suitable for everyone.

Some of the containers didn’t look that appetizing to be honest, however, we were very pleasantly surprised that all the meals were very tasty, and the food did seem fresh. In the absence of an information card, we did find ourselves wondering about the ingredients in each dish. We are often suspicious about the use of sauces and flavourings, and it would be very interesting to see what additives are necessary to keep the products fresh. Microwave heating instructions were also missing, which could lead to food being over cooked, spoiling the nutritional content of the dish.

Our favourite dish? We were truly surprised how much we enjoyed eating tuna and rye bread for breakfast. We would normally opt for cereal and yoghurt, so this was a rather refreshing change. The strawberry puree was heavenly. We’ve already dusted off our liquidiser and will be stopping by more frequently at the strawberry huts around the city.

By the end of the day, we were feeling noticeably satisfied. We hadn’t been tempted to stray from the meals provided, and we particularly enjoyed the variety and a change to our usual routine.


We did notice a rather large pile of empty plastic packaging by the end of the day. This made us wonder if there may be a better way to package the dishes. If one customer takes these meals every day for a week, there would be a very large amount of containers mounting up. Multiplied by multiple customers, households, towns and cities, well, that’s a serious amount for recycling.

We think this is a great idea for people who live busy, stressful lives, who don’t have much time for food preparation. The pricing seems fair, but would of course mount up over time if you chose to order every day. Bodychief offers pricing bundles for customers who want to order over longer periods of time. For those days when you are feeling time poor, or perhaps seeking some healthy eating inspiration, Bodychief could be an excellent choice.

Follow the link to discover Bodychief.

All opinions are our own. We ordered as a genuine customer. Bodychief were not involved in our feedback whatsoever.



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