First 5km


It’s Sunday morning, we’ve been waiting in a line for almost an hour to pick up our race number, we are almost ankle deep in mud already and it’s raining too.

We’re at Kleiner Wandsee, SW Berlin, to take part in our first event of the year, the BT-Miele 5km.

Kersty has been training with us some time now. We first met shortly after the birth of her 1st child. 2 years on, she now has 2 beautiful boys and bags of ambition. To say she is committed to keeping fit is an understatement. The Bugaboo Running Buggy was only a recent edition to her essential kit. She has been gradually investing in equipment to build up a simple home gym, allowing her to train whenever the need and spare time arises.

In January she decided to move her focus into running and followed our “5 Weeks to a 5k” training plan. We met once a week for her Personal Training Session, while Kersty followed the rest of the plan in her own time. By week 5 she comfortably ran 5km around Tiergarten in 31 minutes, with only a brief stop to hand over a bottle to her dear little 9 month old.

“The breakdown of the 5km plan was easily digestable. Each week I saw improvements in my fitness, running style and agility. This gave me the confidence and motivation to keep going and reach the 5km without any trouble”

2 weeks later, Kersty took on her first official forest race and flew over the finish line in a fabulous 28 minutes 17 seconds –  and 1st lady!



“The race was in a great location and I loved running through the woods. [Trail] running was harder than I thought in comparison to street running. I liked the challenge. Your motivation Lucy, throughout the race, was a huge help and I would not have run such a good race time had I ran alone. A running buddy is a life saviour”

Your enthusiasm and commitment throughout your training is an inspiration Kersty. Keep it up. I’m looking forward running many more races with you!




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