Group training is affordable and sociable. A great way to meet like-minded people.

We run 6-week courses for groups*. These are designed with a clear objective in mind and gives our clients a goal to aim for. We design programs that are  prescriptive and progressive, that are unique to each course.

Here are some of the of courses we offer:

  • General Fitness  →                 Whole body workouts targeting all-round fitness
  • Fat Burning  →                        High intensity training to raise your metabolism
  • Running Courses  →              Visit our Running page for more information
  • Strength Training  →               Resistance exercise to build muscle & strength
  • Cardiovascular Fitness  →     For strong heart and lung function
Special Occasion Courses:
  • Bikini Fit Boot Camp
  • Little Black Dress Workout
  • Wedding Dress Workouts
A 6-week program costs €60 per person for the complete course.

* Groups are 5 or more people.

Private Groups

For clients who are looking for a more specialist service, we can offer private groups for 2-4 people. A good solution if you and some friends have similar fitness goals and want to train together

Private groups are:

  • For up to 4 people
  • Less intimate than 1:1 coaching
  • A great for a group of friends with similar objectives or a specific goal
  • Arranged at a time to suit you
  • Making private coaching more affordable

Each session lasts 1 hour and costs €45 per session, based on a minimum 6-week booking.


2 thoughts on “Groups

  1. Hi there,

    I’m getting married in July next year. AND i gave birth 6 months ago and i am so out of shape and podgy!

    I am very interested in the group training. Just would like to know a few things:

    1. How often a week is the group on?
    2. Could you possibly mix and match some group work and some 1:1 training. (Just see how far my pennies stretch!)
    3. Do you have any local groups in the Charlottenburg area?

    I am mostly interested in the ‘General Fitness’ course and the ‘wedding dress/ bikini boot camp!)

    Thanks so much

    Vicky Hollingsworth

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