We’re packing our kit bag. After 5 years in Berlin, Urban Fox is moving on to new adventures.

It’s been such fun here in Germany’s great capital, and hard to say goodbye, but we know our clients are well equipped to keep up their training and striving towards their goals. We’ll be in regular contact via Skype and Whatsapp, and are always on call to help when the need arises.

We’d like to thank everyone we’ve met for all the fun, laughter, hard work and sweat – it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all.

Our journey takes us Bath, England – know for its Roman-built Spas, a popular destination in the Georgian era when people traveled from far and wide to luxuriate in the healing properties of water from springs. It seems like the perfect setting to be working in the health & fitness sector and we are very excited indeed.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Race More

2016 was a pretty busy year at Urban Fox HQ. It’s been super exciting meeting new clients and helping them reach all their individual goals. Together we’ve achieved first ever 5k’s, prepared for the birth of a child, mastered obstacle races, smashed fitness tests, completed a marathon and numerous other remarkable achievements.

As a trainer, it can be hard to keep track of our own fitness progress, especially when we become absorbed in helping our clients reach their milestones, so, during the last quarter of 2016, I decided to find a better way to make more time for my own training without compromising my performance in my work life.


First of all, I decided to set up a training tracker, something visual, that I could use to get a better handle of the amount of energy I was expending through client appointments and where that left me in terms of personal time (and strength). I could map in all my work commitments in advance, then earmark gaps in my schedule that I could fill with my own training or recovery.

The chart I produced really helped to put my fitness into perspective. I was better able to balance my training because I could anticipate the demands of my work commitments. Being a Personal Trainer is physically demanding, and it’s important to find the right mixture of rest and activity to stay healthy and injury free.


I also decided to use some of my own coaching tips on myself – Set a goal is an ideal motivator. If it is clear, measurable and achievable, the personal rewards can be immense. My focus was to find more time for running, while taking less time doing it. This meant gearing training sessions around strength and speed, as well as signing up for runs. Here in Germany I use the website to find running events.  You can search by location or postcode, distance or race type to find your event. It’s a great site, with links to the organiser’s website and entry forms. I’ve enjoyed finding smaller, off-the-beaten track races, avoiding the larger, mass participation sponsored events. I’m happier that my race fees go to small local clubs in need of essential funds,  plus, I get to find new places to run too.

I decided to set myself a target of running three races in  Autumn. Each one would increase in distance, giving me an additional challenge of building my mileage, speed and endurance through time effective training sessions that I could fit in around work. Interval sessions, Yasso 800’s and pyramid sessions made efficient use of my time at the track, my TRX Suspension Trainer is fantastic for building strength, a sprinkling of swimming and cycling provided a low impact alternative to running.


The first event, in early November, was 7.8km  Saegerserie in Hermsdorf, Berlin. There are 3 races in this series, held in the beautiful surroundings of Tegeler Forst, each event increasing in distance. Don’t be put off by the advertising, claiming it to be the “Hardest Trailrun in Berlin”, I’ve definitely run more challenging courses and would award that particular quote to the Mueggelturm’s Trailrun Berlin race. With Autumn in full flow, conditions were soft underfoot and colourful all around. The race follows forest trails, incorporating leaping over tree trunks and hilly scrambles. It was challenging and a lot of fun, in a very relaxed atmosphere. I finished in 40.14.


My second race was 3 weeks later, and took me back once again to Tegeler Forst for one of my favourite competitions – Herbstwaldlauf, which literally translates to Autumn-Forest-Run. At 11km, this course is a great distance, breaking the boundaries of the many traditional 10km routes we runners are used to being offered. The route, once again in Tegeler Forst, follows wider trails through the forest. I absolutely love this race. Conditions are always great. Soft, springy forest floors, a paintbox of autumn colours all around you, the scent of the pine trees, and nature’s shelter should it rain. Organised by LG Nord athletics club, you can be sure of relaxed, friendly atmosphere and a wide selection of biscuits, cake and warm tea in the finish line.

I crossed the finish line in 53:47, thrilled to discover I had managed to pick up my first ever 1st place in my age group, along with a goodie bag too.


My final event took place just one week later, the first weekend in December, after a particularly busy work week and on very tired legs. The Weissenseer Crosslauf would be a 12km (approx) crosslauf – approximately? What did that mean? Further research revealed a meeting point pretty close to home, a sports stadium, and a 1.6km course. Still, feeling uncertain (and reluctant), I cycled the few kilometers to the start line to see what it was all about.


What a depressing sight. Cloudy, cold and grey. The stadium looked like it had been long neglected. That running track was sandy mud, not sprung asphalt. A handful of onlookers were probably only there because they never really believed people would actually come to race here.

I arrived just in time to see a wave of women running off around the track following the sound of a starter gun. Unsure if I had mistimed and arrived too late for my race, I questioned a few people if that was the women’s race. Indeed it was – the women’s 3km had already started. When I asked after the 12km race, a few furrowed brows answered in what seemed slight disbelief. Luckily I hadn’t missed my event, and as I made my preparations for my race a rather large group of men had gathered on the track. There wasn’t a woman in sight. Was this a different race? I was so confused. I checked again. Yes, the 12km, and as luck would have it, I glanced into the crowd and saw one other woman. Just one. Well, I guess that’s better than no women, and as it turned out, she was a lovely lady from Wales, visiting Berlin for the weekend, celebrating her 50th birthday. She dashed over the start line like a Whippet and I spent most of the run hoping she would get tired and I could overtake her for another 1st place finish. Turns out she’s used to running in Snowdonia. Hills are her thing. I didn’t even come close to catching her. As for the route – 8 laps of a 1.5km course. Around the track, through the trees, follow the border of the 2 football fields, pass the hotdog stand, and back around the track to finish the lap. Repeat, 8 times! Nothing about this run seemed appealing. I convinced myself I’d try 4 laps, then pull out. Counting each lap by removing one finger from my gloves each round, by the time I reached the 4th my inner self agreed to go to 6 laps, by which time, 6 laps was feeling OK, and of course, there were only 2 more to go. Determined to pass a guy in front, who looked a lot less fit than me, gave me enough determination to keep going through to 8th lap. As I crossed the finish line, one of the stewards asked me for my entry paper so they could write my time on it. Of course I didn’t have it,  I’m of the chip-timing generation, where would I carry an entry paper in my lycra running kit? A few weeks later results  finishing times were eventually posted on their website. I had finished in 57:36.  Another 1st place in my age category – but it doesn’t count for much when there are only 2 women in the race in separate age categories!

I have to confess, I rather enjoyed this last race of the year in the end. I spent some time chatting with some of the other competitors after the race, who were all very friendly and happy to be there. I was surprised the laps hadn’t been harder, maybe listening to the This American Life Podcast helped to keep my feet going, who knows? There was certainly a huge sense of satisfaction that I had made it to the end.

Planning ahead and signing up in advance for these races really did help to motivate me. I knew what I was aiming for and could structure my training towards my goal. It’s been a fun experiment increasing my pace over distance using a mixture of training techniques, which excites me for what I can achieve in 2017. What will your goal be?

Race 1. Pace: 5:09 mins/km. Total distance: 7.8km

Race 2. Pace: 4:53 mins/km. Total distance: 11km

Race 3. Pace:  4:48 mins/km. Total Distance: 12km


Kicking off the new year on snowy trails


Runbase Berlin


As cities go, we think Berlin is a pretty good place to be a runner. There is a good selection of neighbourhood parks, we have an enormous airfield designated a public park at Tempelhof, and surrounding the city are unlimited forests and lakes, stretching out like a huge carpet. Just take a look yourself next time you are flying in or out of Schoenefeld Airport.

Sometimes it’s not so easy weaving through the crowds to reach your desired “green space” to run. Then there’s the weather. In summer it can be too hot, and winters are so cold cold and grey. Somewhere in between is the ideal time to start clocking up the km’s. But, what if you are just starting out?

Last week we dropped into #Adidas’ new training centre in Kreuzberg, where they really do seem to offer a viable solution to these problems.

Tucked away behind a Petrol (Gas) Station on Schlesische Str, a single-story building and a collection of shipping containers you’ll find changing rooms, showers, a yoga studio, cafe, an outdoor running track, medical aid and professional advisers waiting to help you with all your running needs.


In addition to these facilities, #RunbaseBerlin is offering an impressive number of training sessions every day of the week to help you achieve your goals. Choose from Yoga, Calisthenics, HIIT, Strength, Stretching & Mobility, Breakletics, Meditation. The schedule changes weekly, so there’s hardly a chance to get bored. There is a charge for these workouts and #Adidias offer a good selection of payment options from hassle free Pay-As-You-Go to Unlimited monthly membership, for the more dedicated and committed!


Naturally, there are plenty of training runs too. Choose their sunrise runs on weekday mornings, or their tailored sessions at the weekend. If you are new to running, there are plenty of “starter” sessions, where trainers incorporate short spells of running with strength training, to help build your foundations for running.

#Runbase’s location lends itself well to some beautiful scenic runs too. Just around the corner there is access to waterside routes along the Landwehr Canal or the River Spree that leads down to Treptower Park and Spree Park – some of my personal favourite running routes. Plus, all the training runs are free. Yippee!


And if all that exercise is making you hungry, you can sit back and relax with a bite to eat and a drink in the Lab Kitchen where the chef offers a seasonal selection of local and organic foods that are nutritionally balanced for a healthy lifestyle. I opted for the Active Matcha, blended with coconut oil and dates. It looked delicious. Unfortunately for me though, it’s an acquired taste that I haven’t quite acquired yet.


Naturally, a branded training centre is bound to offer plenty of opportunity to part with your well earned cash, and #Adidas have cleverly converted one of the shipping containers into a Private Running Store just for you. Simply book an appointment and you can have the store to yourself, complete with sales staff who can offer running gait analysis and tempt you with all the kit you thought you’d never need. The store also has public opening times if you want your visit to be a little less “personal”.

#Runbase has popped up in other cities too. London, NYC, Boston, Tokyo, Shanghai, so there is plenty of opportunity to keep training wherever you are.

Check out their website for all the latest class information, prices and facilities here #runbaseberlin.

This post was not sponsored.



Spartan Race

Spartan are rolling out their race series in the UK and Germany this year. With a choice of distances and level of difficulty, there’s sure to be an event that will appeal to anyone looking for a fitness challenge this year. Continue reading

Four Fab Apps

Did you make a new year’s resolution to get in shape? Tech can help! Here are our favourite apps. Try them and to see if it helps you to get fitter and healthier this year?

Map My Run

This is the mobile app we use the most. It is great for runners of any ability. It does all of the usual tracking and logging that you would expect from a running app such as distance, calorie burn off, pace, nutrition etc. but what we love most is being able to trace our routes on the maps. You can save all your data, and share your routes with friends even access you friend’s routes. We love to refer back to old runs to see how we have improved. We also use it to map races we take part in as well.

iPhone/Andriod: FREE


NTCNike Training Club

It kind of feels wrong telling you how good this app is – it could put us out of a job, but, we love to help you keep active, and we highly recommend the NTC collection of workouts.
This app features more than 100 full-body, 15, 30, and 45- minute workouts from athletes, trainers, and celebrities. There are video demos and audio instructions ensuring you receive step-by-step information to get the moves right. NTC3Choose a targeted workout: Get Lean; Get Toned or Get Strong. Are you Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? Choose your fitness level to make sure the program matches your ability as well as you goals. The app measures your progress in number of workouts, minutes logged, and average calories burned. We use it to supplement our weekly training schedule and we absolutely love it!

iPhone/Andriod: FREE


noom2Noom Coach

Noom is a weight-loss toolkit that helps you to set your own goals and track your progress. It helps you form healthy habits through daily tasks, meal logging, and exercise tracking. Log meals and workouts while the integrated pedometer counts your steps all day. Noom offers daily health and wellness articles and healthy recipes too. The food log is colour-coded, which quickly teaches you which foods are really healthy (and which foods aren’t). It has a huge food database, loaded with nearly one million foods, making it’s easy to find and log what you are eating.

Did you know, people who keep food diaries, according to a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, lose an average of 6 pounds (2.75 kg) more than people who don’t keep a record of everything that they eat? Just knowing you need to note it down can really help you to make better food choices.Noom

iPhone/Andriod: FREE


daily burnDailyBurn

Looking for an alternative to NTC? Then look no further than Daily Burn, which provides a very comprehensive library of fitness programming. It includes instructions and example videos on everything you could possibly need – yoga, weight training, circuits and stretching.
We love the demos. The fitness trainers ensure that you’re using the right technique throughout your entire workout. The app will also allow you to connect wirelessly with most Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitors, allowing you to check you are working to your maximum ability and recovering sufficiently too.
You can access a lot of DailyBurn’s videos free of charge, but for a monthly fee, your upgrade will give you unlimited access to the entire library of workouts.

iPhone/Andriod: FREE