About Us

Beautiful Bath. What a unique and picturesque place to be working in the health and fitness industry. Surrounded by incredible nature, with rolling hills, tranquil waterways and peaceful meadows. Yet within the city, there is always plenty going. 

Our mission is to make fitness accessible, affordable and fun. Rather than being stuck inside a gym, with the same old equipment, same old soundtrack, we take fitness to you. Whether it’s outside in the green urban spaces, or in the comfort of your own home or workspace. We can exercise anywhere. Variety is the key, and we deliver a wide range of prescriptive training programs to meet individual’s needs. Our passion is people and we have a genuine desire to help our clients no matter what your goals and desires, we are here to help.

We’ve been coaching since 2010, offering a wide variety of training from Group Fitness Bootcamps, Running Coaching, Personal Training and courses designed for our clients’ specific needs too. If you have a specific goal, are returning to fitness, training for an event, or even in need of inspiration, our aim is to make your fitness accessible, results orientated and a part of your day to day life

Lucy Miller is the founder of Urban Fox Fitness, working within the fitness sector for over 10 years in London, Berlin and now Bath. An active mum of 2, who understands the pressures of day to day life.  From a young age, Lucy has always followed an active lifestyle and decided to turn her passion into her career after the birth of her children. 

Urban Fox

Lucy follows a flexible, functional and effective approach to exercise.  It is clear she loves her work and her enthusiasm is infectious. She uses a variety of equipment and techniques to make workouts constantly challenging, enjoyable and safe. All her kit is portable, which means you can work out almost anywhere!

Even when she’s not working she’ll be working out.

Lucy obtained her Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer qualification with Premier Global. She has also been awarded certificates in:

GP Exercise Referral

Advanced Gym Instructor

Pre/Post Natal Exercise Instructor

Suspended Fitness Instructor (TRX)

Nutrition for Exercise

First Aid at Work

Urban FoxExercise is in my soul. I strive to offer the best experience and to share my love of the joy of movement. Some of my best workouts happen on the days when I least feel like it, or even when the weather is bad. Getting outside, meeting people, rising to each unique challenge is what drives me.

My goal is to make exercise fun, interesting and varied.  Whatever your fitness level, each client receives a tailored program of exercise that is specifically designed to your individual needs and ability. The support  provided will help you reach your goals. Naturally, our workouts will be results driven, and will challenge you. You will feel motivated, supported and energised, and will gain sound knowledge to help you achieve a fitter, stronger, healthier body and lifestyle.


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