Future Proof Female

Our Mission

  • To support women aged 35+ through their Menopause transition, with a focus on education, motivation and understanding that the road ahead is a new beginning.
  • To evaluate any symptoms, both physical & psychological, to help you piece together your peri-menopause stage.
  • To move more & why. Understanding the best tools for exercising success. Gaining energy, strength and motivation and ultimately keeping the mid-life weight gain at bay.
  • To assess what you drink and eat – because at this time of your life, it really does make a difference.
  • To learn how to reap the rewards of rest. Restoring calm, solitude and incredible sleep.
  • To improve your understanding of your changing hormones, HRT, your menstrual cycle & pelvic health.
  • To provide tips, resources and links to expert guides and no-nonsense research, so that you are armed with facts, not fiction.

Coming Soon…

  • Join our local, Future Proof Female Collective. Where we offer live, monthly meet-ups, online or in person.
  • Learn about Menopause specific topics each month, with trainer tips that will help you to manage and understand your symptoms better.
  • Test out lifestyle hacks that are designed to help you make a positive change.
  • Make use of our supportive, private group, where you can ask questions and get answers relevant to your life-phase and beyond.
  • Because, at some point in our lives, all women will experience the Menopause
  • Together we will build a support network, so you never need to cope alone.

“There is power and positivity in taking small, managable steps. Lucy’s approach is as warm as it is wise. From the outset, I learned how to exercise to feel better & stronger. You will discover change is possible.

V Bond