One of the best forms of aerobic exercise, running improves fitness levels, raises stamina, strengthens muscles and burns fat.

We just love to run, and want you to love it too.

Whatever your level, we have a training program for you.

Beginners:   We tailor our coaching with easy, progressive sessions. Taking you from walking to running non stop for 30 minutes in just 5 weeks. You don’t need any prior experience to seek a running coach. We are here to support you and are sure you will learn to love it too.

Intermediates:   Already up and running but want to improve your technique? Learn some effective training techniques to build your stamina, speed or time on your feet? We deliver training sessions that concentrate on the tools you need.

Goal Specific Running:   Signed up for your first Marathon? Determined to achieve a 10K PB? Then we can help you reach your goals. With the support of our clear, jargon free training plans and our no-nonsense training tips, you’ll be celebrating at the finish line.

Guided Runs:  We map all our runs and all our clients and followers can gain exclusive access to our routes online and on your smart phone.   We also offer guided runs around beautiful Bath. Come and explore some new areas with us. A great way to discover our city.


One thought on “Running

  1. Hello – loved the class on Saturday AM. Verrrrrry sweaty. I was just wondering if you still did guided runs or is that not allowed right now ? I’d be interested in some running insight. Running is my first love a, we haven’t been together for a while…. I would like to get back on good terms with it….


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