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31st Avon Women’s Run Berlin

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Top Trends

The fitness market is huge, and an overwhelming choice is now available to us. It’s sometimes too difficult to choose. With specialised studios, boot-camps, high intensity workouts, health and wellness apps, there’s something out there to suit everyone.

Here are our favourites, including some new projects to entice you:

ntc1. Tech:   Maintaining your fitness routine at home or when you are travelling doesn’t have to be tough. Whether you decide to download the Nike Training Club app or purchasing a deck of cards from FitDeck, staying fit when you’re away keeps getting easier!

Nike’s app allows you to select your level, decide if you want to lose weight, build muscle, or perhaps just get into a routine. You can add in running targets, yoga, and even stretching sessions. Connect it to your favourite playlists or even iTunes, and you are ready to go. It follows a progressive, targeted program, and is always on the move with you. So wherever you are, it’s really easy to make sure you keep up the routine.

crossfit2. Crossfit:  The Crossfit boxes are growing… like crazy! According to FitMapped, the New York metro area has 18 CrossFit boxes. High-intensity interval training is an ongoing trend for 2014 as predicted by the American College of Sports Medicine and these studios offer just that. The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. Also to note, CrossFit-type programs provide training for obstacle challenges such as Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. If you are in need of group motivation, then this is the place for you.

Contact us3. Online Workouts: Several concepts have emerged in the past year providing users the ability to workout anywhere, anytime in a virtual manner. Companies such as Gymagogo and Daily Burn offer a variety of online fitness programming allowing fitness at home to become more popular. Brands that have brick and mortar studios are also offering online workout content, e.g., Physique 57.

Urban Fox Fitness offers clients short video workouts straight to your in-box, giving you the freedom to work out at home, with a trainer you know and trust. Our Skype workouts allow you to log in, and take part in live, video-streamed workouts. So wherever you are, we can be with you, helping you to become fitter and healthier.

hardcandy4. Lifestyle Fitness: Clubs like Hard Candy (from Madonna) are revolutionising the high street gym scene. Aiming to make working out sexy, cool and fun, Hard Candy has become a global luxury fitness brand.  One cardio class uses dance moves from Madonna’s music videos, while “Off the Wall” yoga has participants dangling off the ground on cords. The luxury environment is not for those on a budget, however, members can receive a level of service and quality one would expect Madonna is used to.There are 8 gyms in the portfolio now. There will certainly be more!

frameIn Shoreditch, London, Frame’s ethos is about making fitness fun, hanging out with your mates, and a more laid back approach . All their classes are designed so you can drop by any time and try something new, or get fit by doing something you normally wouldn’t (like Bend it like Barbie or Jane Fonda style aerobics). You can either be a member or just rock up, it’s totally up to you. With your Frame card you can benefit from all their great classes and services, and even get exclusive discounts on their favorite clothing, skincare and health food brands, as well as local bars and restaurants.

We love their flexible pricing policy. Choose from Pay-as-You Go, a pre-pay style Top-Up Card, or All-Inclusive Membership. So you don’t even have to opt for a bank-busting long term membership.

So, now the new year is well and truly here, we think there’s plenty of great ways to get active. Why not try one of these ideas, and see if you can get motivated to keep fit and healthy this year 🙂